Travel App of the Week: PhotoRepost

PhotoRepostDo you love thumbing through photos on Instagram but wish the platform would let you share your favorites with your friends? With PhotoRepost (formerly InstaRepost), now you can. PhotoRepost allows you to easily repost Instagram photos and videos, and the best part (besides it being free) is that it automatically gives a credit as well as a watermark to the original source. Once you’ve downloaded it (for iPhone or Android), all you have to do is tap the “repost” button under the picture or video you want to share with your Instagram followers, and you’ve shared it. And of course, all the pictures and videos are shared at the correct Instagram picture size.


  1. Hi John. Love instagram and I use it quite a bit. Big problem though – Phone died and now I can’t access the accounts. I’ve heard about using other services on the internet, but some said to steer away. Any tips?

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