Travel Tip of the Day: Charge Your Devices Before Flying

Power flaskCharge Your Devices Before Flying
If you’ll be flying into the U.S. anytime soon, you’ll want to have the batteries in all of your devices charged before you hit security—because you might be asked to power them up to prove that they’re not a (suspected) new form of explosive device. If your battery is dead and you can’t do that, your device won’t be flying with you, or you’ll have to rebook your flight at your own costs.

Here’s the TSA’s press release on the new policy and a story by the BBC in which it’s explained that “passengers flying to the US will be advised to remove relevant chargers from their hold luggage at check-in, so that they can top up carried-on gadgets if necessary. Alternatively, they can opt to place any powered-down kit in their stowed luggage.”

It’s already been a good idea to charge before you fly, but now it might be an imperative. Don’t risk losing your phone, tablet or computer—or missing your flight—and make sure you’re charged before you get to the airport (or carry a portable charger like the Power Flask above).



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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have the power flask & it has been great . Now it is an even better investment. Flying back on Monday I found this policy in effect from Paris to Boston on British Airways. People were being asked to exit and rebook flights. certainly NOT something I would want to have to do!!! Glad my tablet&phone could be ” powered up” quickly.

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