Ephesus Terrace Houses

Ancient and colorful Ephesus Terrace Houses

Ancient and colorful Ephesus Terrace Houses

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Colored steps in Kusadasi along with a vast assortment of jewelry, leather, ceramics, sweets called lokum (Turkish delights) and carpetsOverlooking the ancient city of Ephesus from the Terrace Houses and in the left corner you can see the Library of Celsus which once held 12,000 scrollsArchaeologists are still excavating the Terrace Houses. It's very cool to watch how they're preserving it.Mango Crush at Sole Mare Beach ClubSilk fibers from silkworm cocoons are wrapped into a single strandI wanted to take the pink-and-blue rug home with meWhite House had great live music coming from it as we passed byThe making of a Turkish rug
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