Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Terminal Caution

reader-travel-tip2Terminal Caution
Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip comes from Wendell L. of Norwalk, CT, who says:

“Don’t miss your connecting flight by going to the wrong terminal! Major airlines (or airlines at one of their hubs) are often served by more than one terminal at an airport, so don’t just follow signs for your airline. Instead, doublecheck where it’s safest: your boarding pass, and the board. As my daughter (a first-time solo traveler) just found out the hard way connecting through Heathrow to Edinburgh with Virgin, you can’t always trust the word of the stewies!”

Trust the board, and trust your boarding pass (not just flight attendants, as I’ve said before). And if you ask for help, be sure to clarify where you’re flying to—and especially whether it’s international or domestic. At an airport like Heathrow, where terminals are 20 minutes apart, a simple, honest mistake can mean a missed flight, so always be sure you’re sure before you head for that next terminal. Thanks Wendell!



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  1. I always sign up for text alerts from the airlines for status and gate changes. I ususally know what is going on before anyone else at the gate does.

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