Travel Tip of the Day: Gas Up Before the Airport

GasGas Up Before the Airport
Why does it seem that there are never any gas stations near the airport and if there are, they are closed or out of gas? Last month in Calgary, I had to return a rental car but couldn’t find a gas station anywhere nearby! But luckily I had left plenty of time to return my car before my flight. My advice is to do the same and from now on, I plan to get gas well before the airport so I can avoid the frustration of finding an open gas station, waiting in long lines or paying high prices.

For a great way to map and compare gas prices in the area, check out my tip on GasBuddy.



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  1. Thanks for a tip that I usually try and remember. It’s always a challenge looking for a gas station on the way to the airport!

    I do want to share an experience in Puerto Rico this past April.

    Because we had an early flight in the morning and I knew I had to gas up the car, I chose to fill up the car with gas the night before. When I returned the car, the rental agent went ahead and charged me for the gas.

    I challenged him as I had filled up the car. I showed him the receipt which was from the day before and he made a comment that it was not on the same day as the flight.

    I asked, what difference does that make? I filled it up the day before because it was most convenient for me.

    In the end he did waive the fee when I insisted, however I was not very happy about that at all!

    Sandy G.

  2. Several years ago I gassed up my rental car before returning it at SFO car rental lot. The guy at the rental lot asked me to turn my rental car’s ignition off. Don’t do it until he checks the fuel gauge first!!!

    I followed his instruction and then he immediately re-started the car’s engine and the fuel gauge no longer showed a full tank of gas!!! I suspect they do this so they can charge you more, with inflated gas price of course.

    I learned a lesson the expensive way.


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