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JoinMeI’m sure most business travelers already know about (website and app for iPhone, Android and Amazon), since they have over 10 million users. But for newbies and those that travel mostly for leisure, is a valuable and incredibly intuitive resource that makes online meetings—between computers anywhere in the world—a breeze.

The best part is that they offer a free basic version that includes pretty much everything you need, including the ability to add up to 10 meeting participants, screen-sharing, file-transferring, internet-calling, and my favorite, share control, which lets you remotely take over someone’s computer. They’ve also made it really simple for anyone to click the “start” button to start a meeting or click the “join” button to attend one. The Pro version (~$13/month) gives people additional functionality, like the ability to choose the window being shared, to swap presenters for tag-team meetings, and to personalize their online meeting space. There’s also an Enterprise version available for ~$19/month.

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