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Editor-In-Chief: Johnny Jet (@JohnnyJet)
Queen Bee: Natalie DiScala (@NatalieDiScala)
EditorIan Livingston
Contributor: Allison Rainey
Contributor: Caitlin Martin
Contributor: Carrie Cecil
ContributorCarol Calicchio
Contributor: Cynthia Cunniff
ContributorDave Zuchowski
ContributorFrank DiScala Jr.
ContributorGeorgie Jet
Contributor: Jason Steele
Contributor: Jennifer Dombrowski
ContributorJim Milio
ContributorJuliet Pennington
Contributor: Laura Pedrick
Contributor: Liliane Opsomer
Contributor: Lindsay Taub
Contributor: Lisa Niver Rajna
Contributor: Mark Hufnail
Contributor: Marla Cimini
Contributor: Melissa Curtin
Contributor: Michaela Guzy
Contributor: Nicole Rodriguez
ContributorPaul Jacobelli
Contributor: Ryan Cowles
Contributor: Tim Gaylord
Contributor: Trishna Patel
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Johnny Jet

7 Comments on "About the Authors"

  1. Sebbie D'Amato | May 28, 2015 at 7:17 am | Reply

    Hello Johnny,
    I work at Newark Liberty Airport and come across travel glitches all the time and would like to contribute to your site.

  2. Hi Mr. Jet!

    Need a travel agent for two country European travel next summer. Who is your agent in Huntington Beach please?



  3. Hey there Johnny & Co!
    Was wondering if you’d like to receive an article at all on 48 hours in the algarve?

  4. Are you hiring writers? I have written hundreds of reviews for Trivago.com and would like to write for your site.

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