Dennis Kamoen

About Dennis Kamoen

Prior to emigrating from the Netherlands to the United States as a young boy, Dennis traveled with his working mother to many European countries on trains, planes and in automobiles. Ultimately settling in Connecticut, Dennis learned how to make the most out of travel opportunities working summers for IML Air Couriers. Based in both New York and London, he became a seasoned traveler while still in high school. “Cousin Dennis” has long been his nickname at Sunday family gatherings and here on his favorite cousin’s travel site, Today his top destinations are walking down the Strand in his adopted hometown of Manhattan Beach, California and visiting his two grown children at college.

Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago Skyline

Off to the airport with our new ultra-light Bric luggage, my girlfriend and I were excited to travel to Chicago, a place 40 million people visit each year, and a city I once called home. Whenever we travel, I always seem to run into someone I know. Standing at Quik Park LAX, I heard a […]