Israel 101: 10 Things to Consider

View from Herod's Tel Aviv

Want to visit Israel but don’t know where to begin or what to expect? With the help of my friends at DigIsrael and the Israel Ministry of Tourism, I’ve come up with a crash course on the Holy Land based on my personal experiences. Here are 10 ten helpful tips to keep in mind: 1. […]

DigIsrael: Top 3 Historical Sites in The Holy Land

Mount of Olives- Overview of Jerusalem

I’ve  been learning about Israel for as long as I can remember, from studying religion in grade school to debating Middle East relations as a political science major in college. So needless to say, the mystifying and provocative country has always been on my radar. And though I’ve imagined what it would be like, my […]

The Western Wall

The Western Wall

Located in the Old City of Jerusalem,The Western Wall, is the remnant of the wall that once enclosed and supported the Second Jerusalem Temple and is arguably the most sacred, recognized site in the Jewish faith. It’s also happens to be the western supporting wall of Temple Mount, one of Islam’s holiest sites. Both faiths’ strong territorial claims in such […]

Time Travel Via Tel Zafit Excavation

Tel Zafit Excavation Site

There are a handful of awesome things I will have the opportunity to do in my lifetime. I never imagined digging up 3,000 year-old artifacts at an excavation site in an ancient, biblical city in central Israel was one of them. But that’s exactly what I did. Every summer, nearly 150 students and professors from […]

Northeast Israel: Madras Tunnels

The Madras Tunnels

The Madras Tunnels are located near the Sea of Galilee, in the northeastern region of Israel. Surprisingly, it’s an historic site many Israelis have yet to visit and most foreign tourists have never heard of. Jewish rebels dug the tiny tunnels as a means to seek refuge from Roman persecution, a stand-off also known as […]

15 Reasons to Fly Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways

Since I’ve already given you a play-by-play of our flight from New York to India via Doha, I won’t repeat it since this flight was basically the same except we departed in early morning instead of late at night. However, I’ve created a Top 15 list including all the reasons why you would want to […]

Visiting The Richest Country In The World — Qatar


Qatar is one of the worlds’ biggest up and coming destinations.

Cute or Cruel at the Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar

Cute or Cruel

I just returned from getting lost in the Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar. One of the more interesting finds were these dyed chicks. They looked cool but I’m not sure how humane it is — what do you think?