2015: A Year in Photos

Honolulu | Jan 1

2015: A Year in Photos Miles Flown: 11,040 Segments: 6 Carriers: 3 (American, Air Canada, Envoy) Countries: 2 (USA, Canada) States: 5 (Hawaii, California, Florida, New York, Connecticut)

2014: A Year in Photos

Honolulu, HI | Jan 2

2014: A Year in Photos Miles Flown:  142,598 Segments: 81 Carriers: 19 (United, Air Canada, American, Delta, SkyWest, Endeavor Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Qantas, Air France, Envoy, British Airways, Virgin America, Rouge, Express Jet, Endeavor Air, Thai Smiles, Air Asia, WestJet, US Airways) Countries: 14 (USA, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Spain, Monaco, England, Scotland, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Mexico, […]

2013: A Year in Photos

Monte Carlo

Miles Flown: 128,122 Segments:97 Carriers: 19 (American, American Eagle, Air Canada, Delta, SWISS, SAS, Express Jet, United, Southwest, Air France, Porter, British Airways, AirKenya, Regional Air, KLM, Pinnacle, Sky Regional, WestJet, Hawaiian) Countries: 17 (USA, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, Denmark, England, France, Monaco, Italy, Kenya, Tanzania, Hungary, Slovakia, Austria, The Netherlands, Northern Ireland, Ireland) States: 15 (FL,TX,CA, NY, MI,NV,GA,TN,AR,CT,NJ,PA.LA,MS,HI)

2012: A Year in Photos

Bekal, India | April 5

2012 Miles Flown:  176,039 Segments: 92 Carriers: 29 (Southwest, Delta, American, Caribbean Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Horizon, Skywest, United, Hawaiian, US Airways, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Jet Konnect, Air India, American Eagle, Delta Connection, United Express, Air France, Porter, Air Canada, CommutAir, British Airways, WestJet, Korean Air, Virgin Australia, Direct Air, Qantas, REX, Pinnacle) Countries: 20 (USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Germany, […]

2011: A Year in Photos

September 2011

2011 Countries: 18 (USA, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Monaco, Norway, Bermuda, New Zealand, Belize, British Virgin Islands) 2011 States: 22 (FL, CA, NV, IL, OH, CO, GA, NY, CT, TX, RI, PA, WA, VA, NJ, MD, DE, NC, SC, MA, NM, MI) Districts: 2 (Washington D.C., Puerto Rico) […]

2010: A Year in Photos

Delray Beach, FL (12/25)

2010 Countries: 20 (USA, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, UAE, Oman, France, England, Italy, Vatican City, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Estonia, Poland, French Polynesia, Scotland, Ireland) 2010 States: 18 (CA,HI,AZ,NY,RI,NC,FL,VA,GA,CT,CO,NJ,MI,PA,OH,TN,NV,WA) TOTAL MILES FLOWN IN 2010: 144,979

2009: A Year in Photos

July 2009

2009 Countries: 22.5 (U.S.A., Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Cook Islands, Aruba, England, Israel, Palestian Authority*, Australia, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Greece, Colombia, Mexico, Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Honduras) 2009 Segments: 76 2009 Carriers: 27 TOTAL MILES FLOWN IN 2009: 147,339

2008: A Year in Photos

December 2008

2008 Segments: 66 2008 Carriers: 18 TOTAL MILES FLOWN IN 2008: 135,303