Travel Apps

Where to Find Real Hotel Photos

One of the biggest scams in the hotel industry is that hotel marketers hire professional photographers to make their properties look a lot nicer than…

Travel App of the Week: SkyGuru

If you’re afraid to fly or an aviation geek, you’ll want to download this brand new app called SkyGuru to learn all about your flight….

Travel App of the Week: All Set Now

I eat out a lot—maybe too often—and that’s not uncommon for a business traveler. One of the things that irks me when dining out, especially when…

Travel App of the Week: Safeture

Heading to the Summer Olympics? Safeture is an app that will help athletes and travelers stay safe. Global Warning System (GWS) just released a special version…

Travel App of the Week: GoEuro

If you’re in or heading to Europe and you aren’t sure of your transportation options (it happens often), here’s a solution: Download the GoEuro app….

Travel App of the Week: Grabr

Here’s a really new interesting app for shoppers and travelers that officially went live today (July 19). Grabr is an on-demand app that promises to deliver international…

Travel App of the Week: Piper

Looking for a quick and easy app for general tipping advice? Piper (iOS only for now) offers the USA, UK, Canada, Italy, and France for free….

Travel App of the Week: SmartGuide

SmartGuide, as its website says, “turns your smart phone into a private guide.” The app, which is free to download for Android (not iPhone yet),…