Travel Website of the Week: Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator

Watching my local news the other night, I saw a very helpful segment with consumer reporter Ric Romero about the best charities to donate to. I learned that this time of year, donations typically spike as people become more generous with their money, and I heard echoes of my own concerns with how different charities are spending their money. Well, Charity […]

Travel Website of the Week: RVShare


I’ve always dreamt of renting an RV and driving it across the country. But costs, time and a little bit of fear have prevented me from actually doing it. Well, living in the sharing economy we do now, I might just step up to the plate and finally rent one with RVShare. RVShare allows you to rent other […]

Travel Website of the Week: FlightAware Misery Map

Misery Map

Since I’m feeling so miserable after my lip surgery, now seems like the appropriate time to feature FlightAware’s new Misery Map. FlightAware has been around for a while and in fact I use their flight tracking feature every time I fly or have to pick up a loved one up since it’s usually much more […]

Travel Website of the Week: Flytographer


Here’s a brilliant idea that I wish I thought of! Many traveling couples go on vacation and come home to realize that they don’t have any decent photos together. Well, here’s the solution: Hire a photographer to do a photoshoot during your travels using Flytographer. They have photographers in major cities around the world (here’s the full […]

Travel Website of the Week: Fly or Drive Calculator

Fly or Drive 160x160

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, a lot of travelers are trying to decide whether they should fly or drive to Grandma’s house. The Fly or Drive Calculator by—available above—can help (in the continental United States only)! Here’s how it works: Step 1 Users need to input their starting point and destination by either […]

Travel Website of the Week: Coupons on Checkout

Coupons at Checkout

I learned about Coupons at Checkout by way of Clark Howard, who has been kind enough to write about my site multiple times in past books. Whenever you shop online—including for travel products—there’s a chance you can find a coupon code to apply to what you’re buying. Clark says the easiest way to find coupon codes […]

Travel Website of the Week: The Unseen Africa

The Unseen Africa

Africa is really suffering right now, and not just west Africa. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t realize how big Africa is and in the midst of all the news about Ebola, many have canceled their trips, even to east and southern Africa. Africa is so large that it could fit both the United States and Europe […]

Travel Website of the Week: Barclaycard Travel Community


When I went down to Delaware recently, my friends from Barclaycard told me all about their Barclaycard Travel Community. Initially I thought to myself, “Yeah, yeah, every site and company has a travel community,” but then they said something that really made me perk up: Members earn miles for their community activity, which is a huge […]