India: Wellness, Spirituality, and Yoga – Video

Watch as Michaela Guzy, founder of, explores ancient Indian traditions, culture, healing rituals and practices yoga in the lesser known states of Kerala and Karnataka.

Video written & produced by: Michaela Guzy | Lensed & edited by: Zac Osgood | Production & writing assistance: Jordan Jones (he’s the guy getting a hot stone massage in the video)

Michaela Guzy

About the Author

Michaela Guzy
Michaela, grew up with her mother, father, and three sisters in St. Louis, MO, graduated from Spring Hill College in Mobile, AL and resides in New York City, NY when she is not on the road. She is the founder of, serves as the Corporate Vice-Chair, Fundraising and Events, for the New York Center for Children’s Junior Committee and consults for travel partners on the side. Follow her @Michaelaguzy.

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