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Travel Product of the Week: ECBC TSA-Friendly Bags

I recently sent my cousin to the International Travel Good Show in Las Vegas and he came back with some of the coolest … Read More

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How I Got Shingles From Too Much Travel and How to Avoid It

I went to the doctor last Wednesday because I had a really nasty earache, which felt like someone was stabbing my inner … Read More

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Travel Contests: Week of March 25, 2015


This week's travel contests include: Win a 4-night relaxing Florida beach getaway Win a trip for two to Maui from Hawaiian Airlines (on Facebook) Win a trip to New York or Paris from Tablet Hotels Win a trip to New Orleans from Land’s End Win a … Read More

Travel Product of the Week: VIM & VIGR Compression Socks


Do you worry about getting Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) when you fly? I do, which is why I drink a lot of water and try to get up every hour on flights. And when I travel with my dad on long flights, I usually get him compression socks. For those looking for … Read More

Travel Video of the Week: New Air France Safety Video

Air France

Air France just introduced a new in-flight safety demonstration video showcasing the French way of flying. Air France revised the style of its video to keep passengers' attention by using attractive women, adding some humor and hiring a choreographer. The … Read More

Travel Website of the Week:

Thanks to my colleague and Twitter chat co-host Chris McGinnis for turning me onto this month-old website that “sniffs out and aggregates” all of the bargains out there and then posts them in one place (here's Chris' post). They search unpublished discounts … Read More

Travel App of the Week: Gas Guru

Gas Guru

I don’t know about you but it drives me crazy when I fill up my car with gas and then a mile or two down the road I find a gas station with significantly cheaper gas (not just by a couple of pennies, either). Gas Guru is free for Android and iOS that shows gas … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: M60 Bus Update

M60 Bus NYC 2

M60 Bus Update I’ve written about the M60 bus before as it’s the most economical way to get to/from New York’s LaGuardia (LGA) airport from/to Manhattan. However, I almost missed the bus the other day when I didn’t realize that the bus from 125th Street to … Read More

Arles and Avignon: UNESCO Treasures of Provence, France

Cathedral of Notre Dame des Doms and Palais des Papes (Palace of the Popes), Avignon

What do popes, an ancient stone bridge and a Roman arena have in common? There are many possible answers—such as Rome—but after my recent trip to the Provence region of France, what comes to my mind are the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the historic city … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: Stand to the Side as You Wait

Greyhound Bus

Stand to the Side as You Wait You'd think this is common sense—but it amazes me, when I travel or at home, to see people standing in the middle of the doorway on a train, bus or even elevator as they wait to get on. Stand to the side and let people get off … Read More