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3 Ways to Win A Cruise from Carnival Corporation

Do you love cruising? Never been on a cruise but are curious about it? Whether you’re old hat at cruising or are new to … Read More

Where’s Johnny?

Del Mar Racetrack

Del Mar Racetrack for My Dad’s Birthday

I talked my dad into coming to California for the winter since Connecticut is no place for someone in their eighties. A … Read More

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Travel Tip of the Day: American Offering Bonus Miles in 2015


American Offering Bonus Miles in 2015 The big airline news today comes from American Airlines, which announced the terms of huge, great promotion that will run all of 2015. Here's how it will work: Beginning January 1, American customers will earn bonus miles … Read More

Angkor National Park Siem Reap Cambodia

Monks leaving Angkor Wat

My wife and I were in Cambodia as a guest of Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa. The hotel is plush but the real reason you’ll want to go to Siem Reap is for its proximity to the magnificent Angkor Archaeological Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site of ancient … Read More

10 Reasons to Stay at Anantara Angkor Resort & Spa in Cambodia

Monk blessing at Anantara Angkor Resort

I’ve always dreamt of going to Cambodia so when Natalie and I were invited to go to Thailand with Anantara Hotels, we decided to skip the trip to their Phuket property and instead, visit their hotel in Cambodia. After all, it was half the distance (218 miles … Read More

American Airlines’ Lucrative Bonus Mile Promotion for Premium Passengers


I love how American Airlines isn’t following Delta's and United's revenue-based plans (at least, not yet) in which fliers earn miles based on ticket price instead of miles flown. And now, they're starting to lure Delta’s and United’s business and first class … Read More

Reader Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Ziploc Bags


Bring Ziploc Bags Each Friday, we’re featuring a reader-submitted tip as our Travel Tip of the Day. This week’s tip was left by A. R. Kennedy of Long Beach, NY, who says: “Take quart-size Ziplocs. Of course you’re supposed to bring one in your carry-on to … Read More

Roosevelts and Fine Dining in Hyde Park, New York

FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt's grave site in the Rose Garden

The recent Ken Burns series on the Roosevelts, which aired on PBS in September, called to memory a trip up the Hudson I'd planned a few years ago—but didn't finish. It started in lower Westchester County, New York, where I went to the best dog show ever at the … Read More

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Share Medication


Don't Share Medication If you get sick when traveling with family or friends (or any group), it wouldn't be unusual for another in the group to offer to share his or her medication. This may seem practical, but be wary: Just because it's right … Read More

My Trip To Washington DC for the White House Travel Bloggers Summit

DCA At Christmas

If you're following me on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter then you know I just returned from our nation’s capital to take part in the White House Travel Blogger Summit on Study Abroad and Global Citizenship. Here's how my trip panned out. Natalie and I … Read More