Travel Website of the Week: Tixchart


Tixchart is named after the abbreviation of “Ticket Chart.” That’s because it not only provides a price comparison of fares from low-cost carriers (LCCs), but it also provides whole-year price trends so users can see when in the year the lowest prices will be offered when they’re arranging their vacations. What I love about tixchart is this: I used to tell people […]

Travel Website of the Week: Skiplagged


I’ve known about Skiplagged for a while; in fact I almost wrote about it before deciding it wasn’t really worth most people’s time. However, after all of its recent media attention, and since I’ve been getting tons of questions and media inquiries about it, this week I figured it’s time. Skiplagged—created by a 22-year-old whiz kid from New […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Search Fares for One Person First


Search Fares for One Person First Sometimes only a certain number of bargain fares are loaded into an airline’s system—and that limits your options more than you might think. If you’re a family of four, for example, and there are only three fares left at a great bargain price, and you search for fares for […]

Travel App of the Week: FareScout


One of the big dilemmas when you’re shopping for airfare is trying to figure out if the fare is going to go up or down. Well, there’s a new free app (currently only on iOS) on the market called FareScout which promises to take this kind of guesswork out of the flight-booking process. It searches millions of […]

Travel Tip of the Day: When to Buy Your Summer Airline Tickets


When to Buy Your Summer Airline Tickets Anne McDermott from has an interesting chart: Good time to buy: 30 days or more before departure. Your best chance of finding the best deals. Deals get harder to find: 14 to 30 days before departure. Beginning on day 29, prices are on the rise. Danger zone: […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Just Look at Coach

AA 25K coach

Many of us love to collect airline miles—but we also know that when it comes time to use them, it can be a real challenge, especially if you want to use Saver Awards (awards costing the lowest number of points/miles). Sometimes, airlines require members to use twice the number of points/miles and when that happens, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Sign up for Fare Alerts

Fare alerts

Sign up for Fare Alerts Instead of constantly having to check and recheck websites for the best fares, just sign up for fare alerts, which will automatically keep you updated on the fares you care about. Many sites offer this service for free, including Airfarewatchdog, Kayak, Yapta and FareCompare. Each site’s version of the alerts varies, but the idea is […]