Eight Ways to Make Summer 2014 Your Season to Travel


I’m so sick of hearing my friends excuses for not having enough money to travel, and then seeing them get $5 coffee drinks every single day! I do the math in my head: $5 times 30 (days) equals $150 and $150 x 12 (months) is (okay, I need a calculator for this one) $1,800. Now why don’t […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Sign up for Fare Alerts

Fare alerts

Sign up for Fare Alerts Instead of constantly having to check and recheck websites for the best fares, just sign up for fare alerts, which will automatically keep you updated on the fares you care about. Many sites offer this service for free, including Airfarewatchdog, Kayak, Yapta and FareCompare. Each site’s version of the alerts varies, but the idea is […]

Travel Website of the Week: Airport Wi-Fi Access Chart

Airport Wi-Fi Access Chart

Don’t you hate it when you arrive at an airport only to learn that it doesn’t have free internet? Thanks to AirfareWatchDog.com for putting this comprehensive chart together to show you everything you need to know about connecting to the internet at major airports around the globe so that you’re in the know before you […]