Australia is Hiring for the ‘Best Jobs in the World’

Best Jobs in the World

Have you ever wondered what the best job in the world is?  Some folks in Australia think there are six jobs that qualify, and they’re all in Australia.  In fact, Tourism Australia is so confident about it that they’re having a competition to decide who will get to be the six lucky employees. The six […]

Australia Offers U.S. Visitors Automated Customs


Johnny has long touted the U.S. Trusted Traveler program for people who do a lot of international travel. Now Australia has opened its automated border processing system, SmartGate, to U.S. Trusted Travelers. When U.S. Trusted Travelers arrive in Australia, they can bypass the passport processing queues and self-process using an ePassport. How does it work? […]

Hamilton Island, Austrailia


G’day, mates! I’m back in one of my favorite countries: Australia. I’m here for a few reasons. One is to checkout V Australia’s new service (it’s amazing and I wrote about it last week), and another is to revisit an island I haven’t been to in years but often long for; it’s like Fantasy Island (minus […]

Sydney To London


‘Ello from England! Last week we left off from Sydney and I told you I was going to do a kangaroo hop from Australia to this week’s secret destination. Normally, the kangaroo route is via Asia but I went via America so I could go home for a few days and collect my mail and switch out […]

Sydney, Austrailia


Great news! just made the number 5 spot as one of the world’s 150 top travel blogs! When I started this website exactly 10 years ago, as a labor of love, I had no idea that it would change my life entirely. It has allowed me to see so many places (over 60 countries) and […]

LAX To Brisbane


G’day from Australia! I’m back in one of my favorite countries and getting here was seriously half the fun … and half the price! I flew Richard Branson’s newest airline V Australia, which recently entered this lucrative route once dominated by Qantas and United. Along with Delta (who began flying to Sydney on July 1), they have […]