Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Fill Out the Whole Baggage Tag


Don’t Fill Out the Whole Baggage Tag I see this mistake all the time and it’s a big no-no since it makes things too easy for thieves: When you’re traveling, don’t put your address on your baggage tag if it’s visible to the public. Either get a tag that you have to open to see the address […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Stand Away from the Baggage Carousel


Stand Away from the Baggage Carousel I don’t know about you, but one of my pet peeves when I check a bag (which is very rarely) is when everyone rushes to baggage claim and hovers over the carousel so you can’t see or grab your bag when it finally comes out (if it even does come […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Divide Your Clothes


Divide Your Clothes Yesterday’s tip was to not check a bag when making a connection, but I realize that’s sometimes not an option. So, if you’re traveling with another person, my suggestion (beyond putting some clothes in your carry-on) is to put half of your clothes in your companion’s checked bag and put half of their […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Check a Bag When Making a Connection

Ticket counter

Don’t Check a Bag When Making a Connection I rarely check a bag when flying, and it’s not because I want to save on baggage fees (although that would be more important if I didn’t already get two free checked bags because I’m an elite flyer on several airlines). I don’t check bags because: a) […]

United’s Strict New Approach to Baggage Rules

United’ New Strict Baggage Rules

More bad news for fliers: According to The Points Guy, on March 1 United Airlines implemented an update to their systemwide policy that cracks down on passengers’ carry-on baggage rights. The airline has rolled out new bag-sizers by their gates and some check-in counters, and every flier—regardless of his or her class of service or frequent flier […]

Travel News: Week of August 7, 2013

Photo credit: Sayyid Azim

Top Travel News Major fire closes international airport in Nairobi Which country gets the most tourists? Delta Launches Los Angeles to San Francisco Shuttle FAA urges foreign airlines to use GPS landing system at San Francisco airport in wake of deadly crash Woman Tries to Board LGA Flight Wearing Pumps with Gun Heels US Airways […]

Video of the Week: Italian Baggage Handlers Caught Raiding Suitcases in Hidden Video

Baggage Handlers Raiding Bags

This short video will make you think twice about packing anything valuable in your checked suitcases. It shows dozens of Italian baggage handlers raiding bags at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport in a hidden video from an Alitalia plane’s cargo hold. Fortunately, Italian police have arrested the 29 airport baggage employees who got caught red-handed […]

United Airlines Announces Baggage Delivery Service


Waiting to pick up your checked luggage at baggage claim can make an already long travel day that much longer.  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could skip baggage claim altogether, yet still get your checked bags to your hotel or your home?  United Airlines has a new baggage delivery service that does just that. […]