Travel Product of the Week: Ugobags


Have you ever had a desire to design your own luggage? Well, you’ll now get your chance thanks to an entrepreneurial company that will soon allow people to create customized luggage online. With Ugobags, you’ll be able to upload a personal photo that then becomes the central design feature of your luggage—basically ensuring you’ll never grab the wrong bag […]

Travel Website of the Week: Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

Bags VIP

Most travelers hate checking bags. I don’t even have to pay to check since I have elite status on three major carriers (American, Delta and United) and their partners, and I really despise it. Even without baggage fees I rarely check a bag because doing so means I have to show up earlier, stand in […]

Video of the Week: Italian Baggage Handlers Caught Raiding Suitcases in Hidden Video

Baggage Handlers Raiding Bags

This short video will make you think twice about packing anything valuable in your checked suitcases. It shows dozens of Italian baggage handlers raiding bags at Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport in a hidden video from an Alitalia plane’s cargo hold. Fortunately, Italian police have arrested the 29 airport baggage employees who got caught red-handed […]

Product of the Week: U-Wrap


I’m sure you’ve seen the company in airports that offers to wrap checked luggage in plastic for passengers. Since not all airports offer this, U-Wrap decided to make it available to everyone with a do-it-yourself baggage protection kit. The kit contains everything you need to protect your luggage when traveling from the comfort of your […]

Product of the Week: Train Reaction Device

Train Reaction Device

Here’s a handy gadget that is perfect for travelers with multiple bags. The Train Reaction Device is a universal luggage stabilizer that connects any two pieces of rolling luggage to create a “weightless” effect while transporting luggage. The highly durable plastic ladder design allows the smaller bag to leverage the larger and makes transporting travel […]

Video of the Week: Your Bag’s Journey On Delta


If you’ve ever had a checked bag lost by an airline, you’ll really appreciate this behind-the-scenes video of your bag’s journey. You can watch where your bags go after they pass through those black rubber flaps at the airport.

Product of the Week: Biaggi

Product - Biaggi

A brand new luggage company called Biaggi recently launched a unique bag to the market. Its perfect for anyone who lives in a small space as all four pieces, which look like normal luggage, fold flat and can be stored under the bed, behind a door or in a coat closet. They come in various […]