Travel App of the Week: SitOrSquat


One of the biggest challenges for travelers (especially women) is finding clean public restrooms. Charmin’s SitOrSquat (website requires Facebook connection approval; apps below don’t) puts public restrooms on the map so the next time you’ve “got to go, on the go,” you’ll know exactly where to go. You can also add and share your experiences and […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Use the Bathroom After Customs


Use the Bathroom After Customs If you haven’t noticed, most savvy frequent travelers make a beeline to immigration after they land (or arrive by ship). That’s because they know those lines can get crazy long in just two minutes—not just because of the flight (or ship) they’re on but because if other planes (or ships) land […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Get Locked in the Bathroom


Don’t Get Locked in the BathroomA big piece of advice I offer to infrequent travelers is to watch how train, plane, hotel and restaurant bathroom doors open and close. I see tons of people getting stuck in these bathroom all the time, and they always rightly panic. It happened to me once, several years ago, on a train […]