Book Review: The Longest Way Home and Interview with Andrew McCarthy


It’s been called the male version of “Eat, Pray, Love.” And while we don’t find actor and award-winning travel writer Andrew McCarthy dumping his skinny jeans for “fat pants” while devouring carbs in Italy, we do find him in a similar quandary to Elizabeth Gilbert in her now-cult favorite memoir. The parallel? Going as far […]

Book Review: Predators I Have Known by Alan Dean Foster


It’s that time of year… good ol’ summer in the office. The hours drag on a bit longer. Glances at the clock from your cubicle become more frequent. And instead of googling the best spots for happy hour… you’re searching “immunization shots needed for the Amazon.”   “Who am I?” you ask yourself. Maybe it’s the stillness […]

Ride The Storms Book Review

Ride the Storms Book Cover

Within the span of four years Dr. Richard Levy was rejected from 99 medical school programs but he persisted, knowing in his heart that he could make a real difference in the medical field. Eventually, he was accepted by Boston University and went on to earn his PhD from UC Berkeley—where he was a star […]

Book Review: The Big Trip


Review By: Dave Zuchowski Most people don’t have the luxury of taking a long vacation of several months or more, but those who do (professors on sabbatical, career changers, those on extended leave, students on summer break) can help plan their big getaway with an exhaustive planning guide entitled The Big Trip, a 336-page planning guide released […]