Beat the polar vortex with’s 5 best airport hotels

Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

2014 has not been kind to travelers. On-time departures, flights and even entire airports have been frozen like the rest of us in the insane, polar vortex-level cold that’s gripped most of North America thus far. And it’s not over yet. With forecasts suggesting more of the same may be on the way next week, (which I’ve […]

America, meet (Part 2)

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Since I do not work for, the end of the Booking Summit (if you’re not sure what the Booking Summit is, click here to read Part 1) signaled that it was time to depart company headquarters in Amsterdam. A tragedy really, as after this third visit, I’d decided that Amsterdam had officially joined the […]

America, meet (Part 1)

The lobby

If travel is about seeking adventure, then it is also about embracing uncertainty. There are inherent uncertainties in every trip we take. When we hit the road, or rails, or sky, we relinquish the perceived omnipotence with which we reign over our undisturbed daily routines. We opt for the unfamiliar. We accept a reality in […]