Excerpt from Dan Woog’s “We Kick Balls”

Dan Woog We Kick Balls Cover

Dan Woog is a writer, award-winning soccer coach (and former Johnny Jet newsletter editor). His new book – We Kick Balls: True Stories from the Youth Soccer Wars – takes readers on a journey from Europe to Brazil to Australia, chronicling his more than 30 years as a youth and high school soccer coach. According […]

Book Review – Hypertravel 100 Countries in 2 years

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JRR Tolken once wrote, “Not all those who wander are lost”. This idea is embodied in Hardie Karges book, Hypertravel. It’s not a traditional travel book or guide. Hypertravel is more of a memoir, one man’s experience as he visits multiple countries across the globe, in about two years.  If you like travel blogs you […]