Belgium: Brussels

A local on his way to work.

Photographer Tim Gaylord explored four cities in Belgium in four days. This is his photographic journey. ALL PHOTO GALLERIES: Brussels | Mechelen | Ghent | Bruges Belgium is quickly becoming one of Europe’s must-see destinations and after a recent trip that included stops in Brussels, Mechlen, Bruge and Ghent I understand why. My first stop […]

London’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel


Last week we left off after I landed in London from an Air New Zealand flight. Passport control and customs took no time at all, though it was a long walk from the gate. If Renaissance Hotels, who brought me over the pond, hadn’t arranged a car service for me, I definitely would’ve taken Heathrow […]

San Francisco’s Cavallo Point


Greetings from San Francisco! Last week we completed all the international legs of our Jet Airways journey around the world when we touched down in San Francisco from China. For those of you who are just joining us, we made stops in Florida (for a Celebrity Solstice cruise), Brussels, Delhi, the Taj Mahal, central India […]

Brussels To New Delhi


Happy New Year and Namaste from India! 2008 was another incredible travel year for me. This week, I’ll include some of the year’s highlights along with my story about getting to New Delhi. Every year, I look back at my online photo gallery and it blows me away that I have stepped foot on the soil of so many […]