Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Leave Without Your Bags


Don’t Leave Without Your Bags I’ve seen it happen and I’ve heard countless horror stories: people arriving to the airport by bus or taxi and learning that their bags didn’t make the trip. They trusted that their luggage would be loaded into the trunk of the car or taxi or the undercarriage of the bus, […]

Hampi, India: Off the Beaten Track

Arriving into Hampi

Arriving in Hampi feels like stepping back in time to the ancient Roman empire, except you’re in the ancient Indian empire.  Centuries old ruins and temples dot this landscape of giant granite boulders and rice fields.  If you get some elevation and look out to the horizon all you will visually feast on are God […]

Toronto to Buffalo to Erie on the Bus

Mississauga stop

Most Torontonians know it’s much cheaper to fly in and out of Buffalo, New York than it is Toronto. What most don’t know is that it only costs $20 one-way to take Greyhound and it drops you off right at the airport. I tested it out last week and have mix reviews. Obviously it’s a lot better if […]