Travel Tip of the Day: Phoneless Nights


Phoneless Nights When I travel, I turn off my cell phone at night because I don’t want to be awakened by texts or phone calls, especially from marketers and especially when I’m halfway around the world. Instead, I give my hotel name and room number to my loved ones and colleagues so if there’s an […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Cell Phones at the Table


Cell Phones at the Table As a general rule, don’t leave your cell phone on the table. It’s rude, someone could snatch it (when dining al fresco) and a waiter or your dining companions might accidentally spill a drink on it. The best thing to do is just put it away.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Want more […]

Product of the Week: E-Case


When I attended the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas a couple of months ago, I was excited to see Cascade Designs was one of the 260 exhibitors. I wrote about their E-Cases a few years ago when they first introduced them but it was premature since they didn’t have a website set up (at […]