Travel Tip of the Day: Talk Softly on the Phone


Talk Softly on the Phone I’m sure you’ve come across those people on planes, airports, hotels, restaurants, boats and other public places: It’s the 21st century, and they still haven’t figured out that we don’t need to talk really LOUD into cell phones for the other person to hear us. They aren’t shells, people. There’s no […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Phoneless Nights


Phoneless Nights When I travel, I turn off my cell phone at night because I don’t want to be awakened by texts or phone calls, especially from marketers and especially when I’m halfway around the world. Instead, I give my hotel name and room number to my loved ones and colleagues so if there’s an […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Cell Phones at the Table


Cell Phones at the Table As a general rule, don’t leave your cell phone on the table. It’s rude, someone could snatch it (when dining al fresco) and a waiter or your dining companions might accidentally spill a drink on it. The best thing to do is just put it away.   _________________________________________________________________________________ Want more […]

Product of the Week: E-Case


When I attended the Travel Goods Show in Las Vegas a couple of months ago, I was excited to see Cascade Designs was one of the 260 exhibitors. I wrote about their E-Cases a few years ago when they first introduced them but it was premature since they didn’t have a website set up (at […]