Leaf Watching at Your Own Pace


This time of year, as the weather begins to cool and people bring their winter clothes out of storage, the full glory of nature is on display. A quintessential autumn event, the changing color of the leaves brings thousands out into the wilderness to pay witness to the beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows of deciduous […]

Product of the Week: Heated Foot Massagers

Heated foot massager

I recently read this New York Times article about the Best Shoes for Travel. Heather Poole, arguably Twitter’s most famous flight attendant, stated that her solution for tired feet was using a heated foot massager by HoMedics after a long trip. I was surprised to learn that they cost only $24.99 – I might have […]

Product of the Week: The SKWOOSH Travel Cushion

The SKWOOSH™ Travel cushion

Do the new too-thin padded economy class seats on airplanes hurt your butt? They do for me especially when I’m sitting in an exit row and flying across the country. I usually end up sitting on my sweatshirt to get some relief but this new gel-filled travel cushion ($29.99) looks enticing since it claims to […]

Kids and Cocktails at Jones

Interior Design.

- By Dan Lantz – Every time my wife and I head into the city center of Philadelphia with the kids, we try to find “grown up” restaurants that are kid-friendly. On this trip, we decided to check out a place called Jones.  It’s a “comfort food” restaurant with 70’s “Brady Bunch” interior.  The atmosphere was […]