Travel Website of the Week: Reid’s Guides


Did you know that there are dozens of accommodation alternatives to hotels? My colleague Reid Bramblett has put together a handy guide to them, which range from Alpine shacks to Tuscan villas, farmhouse B&Bs to hostel dorms, rental rooms to residences, and campgrounds to castles to convents to cottages. He says the alternatives are always […]

Eight Ways to Make Summer 2014 Your Season to Travel


I’m so sick of hearing my friends excuses for not having enough money to travel, and then seeing them get $5 coffee drinks every single day! I do the math in my head: $5 times 30 (days) equals $150 and $150 x 12 (months) is (okay, I need a calculator for this one) $1,800. Now why don’t […]

Travel Tip of the Day: A Free Place to Sleep


A Free Place to Sleep When people tell me they don’t have enough money to travel I always tell them about Couchsurfing is a non-profit organization dedicated to connecting a global community of over 6 million members in 100,000 cities—and every country—around the world. The idea is that everyone interested can travel the world and partake in cultural […]