Travel Tip of the Day: Is Your Passport Really Valid?


Is Your Passport Really Valid? Many countries require that your passport be valid for at least six months after your arrival date before they’ll grant entry to their country. It doesn’t matter if you’re only going for a day; you could, and probably will, be denied entry. This rule is in place in case a […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Going Through Customs


Going Through Customs You would think this would be common sense, but it’s not. No matter what, never, ever travel through customs with someone else’s bag. If there is anything prohibited in there, you will be held responsible and the consequences can be serious. I was recently watching an episode of Border Security: Australia’s Front […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Global Entry, NEXUS and Sentri

Global Entry

Global Entry, NEXUS and Sentri If you travel internationally at all (and especially if you do it frequently), you need to get Global Entry ($100). If you travel to and from Canada often, then you need NEXUS ($50)—and it’s Sentri ($122.25) for frequent travelers to and from Mexico. No matter which one makes sense for […]

Travel News: Week of September 25, 2013

Peter Greenberg in Kenya

Top Travel News Travel Safety in Kenya Now & the Attack on the Nairobi Mall European airport regulators to begin allowing some liquids in carry-on Gianni Versace’s former Miami home to reopen as a hotel F.A.A. Nears New Rules on Devices Customs Waits at Airports Found to Be Three to Five Hours Emirates Announces New Boston-Dubai Flights […]

Australia Offers U.S. Visitors Automated Customs


Johnny has long touted the U.S. Trusted Traveler program for people who do a lot of international travel. Now Australia has opened its automated border processing system, SmartGate, to U.S. Trusted Travelers. When U.S. Trusted Travelers arrive in Australia, they can bypass the passport processing queues and self-process using an ePassport. How does it work? […]