Travel Tip of the Day: Get Better Sleep on a Plane

Sleeping on plane

Get Better Sleep on a Plane Bring ear plugs and an eye mask if you want to sleep on the plane. It sounds simple, but they really do help you create an ideal sleeping environment by blocking out all the sound and light. And instead of using the cheap, scratchy eye masks that the airlines […]

16 Great Travel Gifts

Merry Christmas! I’ll keep this newsletter fairly short since most of you are either running around trying to get last-minute gifts or en route to spend the holidays with your loved ones. Just in case you’re still stirring around the house (or office) with the other mice, I’ve included a couple of fun slideshows of […]

16 Products I Never Leave Home Without


It seems this time of year every travel blogger is compiling a top 10 travel gift guide. After several emails from readers asking where my list was I finally caved in. Here are 16 products/tips that I almost never leave home without. They range from clothing to electronic gadgets, and cost from $3 to $1,500. […]