Travel Tip of the Day: Greyhound Bus Trick


I know that my name is Johnny Jet, not Johnny Bus, but I above all I like to save money and time and avoid hassles when I travel—and sometimes taking the bus is the best option. Last week, I learned a valuable trick while booking a Greyhound ticket from Erie, Pennsylvania to Mississauga, Ontario (just outside […]

Caption It: Winner 8/22

Lake Erie, Pennsylvania

Congratulations John B.! Your caption of Johnny’s dad in Erie, Pennsylvania was our favorite. We couldn’t have said it better. John’s swag bag includes: a GoGo red tote bag, 100 Of The Best Curses & Insults In Spanish, The Clever Travel Companion T-shirt, PassKit, 2 Passport Booklet Covers, and a Disney USB drive key chain. Enjoy! As always, thanks for the […]

Caption It And Win Swag 8/22

Erie, Pennsylvania

It’s that time time of week folks! Caption It! A few days ago, Johnny snapped this shot of his dad in Erie, Pennsylvania. We’re not sure what’s going on but we do know it deserves an imaginative caption. What You’ll Win: 1. GoGo red tote bag ($25) 2. 100 Of The Best Curses & Insults […]

Traveling to Get a Colonoscopy

My dad fasting with me

I debated whether or not to share this story, for fear it may be too much information. But I think it’s important to bring up the subject. As you may know, my beloved mother died of colon cancer in 2000 and if she had had routine colonoscopies, she probably would still be alive today. Because […]

10 reasons to visit Erie, Pennsylvania in the summer

Erie sunset

When my sister told me 20 years ago that her husband got a job and they were moving to Erie, Pennsylvania I had the same reaction as I get now when I tell people that’s where I’m headed for vacation… Eww! Erie?

My 2012 Birthday Week

Family pic

Last Thursday was my birthday and I’ve been fortunate to have friends and family sing happy birthday to me in two different States and countries!

A response from US Airways


US Airways really got me steaming mad Monday night when they left my 80-year-old legally deaf father and his disabled wife behind. They were flying from Erie to West Palm Beach via Philadelphia, and I got a call from the gate agent in PHL stating they didn’t make their connection to Florida and would need […]

A Johnny Jet Thanksgiving


On Thursday morning Natalie and I drove to Erie. We left Toronto at 6 a.m. to avoid traffic at the border, which was a great move because we cruised right through. It was the first time that I didn’t have to wait even a second for an empty lane. I monitored the Peace Bridge website […]