Savoring Pure Greece

Don’t be afraid to roam out of bounds. There is more to Greece than the image of tourists infesting beaches like locusts from sprawling hotels….

Where to Stay in Tyrol, Austria

For more on Tyrol, see Caitlin’s 7 reasons to visit Tyrol, Austria, in summer. Austria is famous for its traditional inns—all so cozy and quaint…

Porto: Northern Portugal’s Heartbeat

The Portuguese word for casual is pronounced caz-oo-wahl. That’s half of what you’ll need to know about Porto. Portugal’s hundreds of miles of Atlantic Ocean…

Travel App of the Week: GoEuro

If you’re in or heading to Europe and you aren’t sure of your transportation options (it happens often), here’s a solution: Download the GoEuro app….

Travel App of the Week: thefork

thefork is an app I’ve heard my friends rave about but that I haven’t checked it out yet—since it’s for dining out in Europe and South…