Jerome Shaw: Part III of Aranui 3: Cargo Cruise Ship


By Jerome Shaw: Last week the Aranui 3 made its first landfall in the Marquesas Islands. Jerome traveled to four islands; Ua Poa, Nuka Hiva, Hiva Oa and Fatu Hiva. He completes his journey through Marquesas Island and begins the return voyage back to the Tuamotu Islands and eventually to Tahiti in the Society Islands. […]

Jerome Shaw: Part II of Aranui 3, The Freighter To The Marquesas Islands


By Jerome Shaw: Last week I left off in the middle of the Pacific Ocean after traveling from Papeete, Tahiti, onboard the freighter Aranui 3 through the Tuamotu Islands, and spending a relaxing day at sea en route to the Marquesas Islands. FIRST LANDFALL IN THE MARQUESAS ISLANDS Can you imagine what the early explorers […]