Europe’s Passenger Bill of Rights: Do you know YOUR rights?

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In recent years—thanks partly to the widespread adoption of pocket technologies, social media networks and a shrinking global community—passengers have gained stronger voices and sharper swords with which to defend themselves in cases of travel injustice. In Europe, Regulation 261/2004 (colloquially known as the Passenger Bill of Rights) took effect on February 18, 2005. It […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Cover Your Drink on the Plane


Cover Your Drink on the Plane Now, I’m not a doctor. But I recently saw an off-duty pilot cover his drink with a napkin on a flight while he wasn’t drinking—and it was enough for me to start doing the same. I’ve spoken before about germs on planes and shared other tips on the subject, and […]

How to Stop the Passenger in Front of You from Reclining Without Using the Knee Defender

How to Stop the Passenger in Front of You from Reclining

On a recent American Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Toronto, I chose to sit in row 16 of the 737-800MCE series aircraft because (like in row 17, as well) the middle seat is blocked on each side. The airline has made a habit of blocking out four seats like this so they can pay one less […]

Travel Website of the Week: The Amelia Project


How about this story: A 31-year-old pilot named Amelia Earhart (no relation to her famous namesake) took off last week from Oakland, California in a single-engine plane (a Pilatus PC-12 NG) hoping to make history. She is planning to recreate the same around-the-world flight as the original Amelia Earhart, only hers will have 17 stops […]

Travel Website of the Week:

Last week, I featured as our Travel Website of the Week a site called AirHelp, which helps get you money when your flight is canceled, delayed or overbooked. Well, is another site that will help you do the same. Just log into to the site (or app), key in your data and upload your documents (e.g. ticket) and […]

(Reader) Travel Tip of the Day: Bring Rubber Shelf Liner

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Bring Rubber Shelf Liner Today marks the first installment of the reader-submitted travel tip, which we’ll be sending out every Friday from here on out. It’s a good one, and it comes from reader Lynn R.: “Since I often travel with my husband & we enjoy a good gin match, I’ve found that bringing a […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Close the Bathroom Door


Close the Bathroom Door One of my pet peeves when sitting next to a lavatory on an airplane is that oftentimes, passengers will walk out of it and not check to see if the door closes behind them. Usually, it doesn’t, so the passengers seated near it are treated to a terrible stench. Please close […]

Travel Tip of the Day: More Space on the Plane


More Space on the Plane Many planes have a 3-3 seating configuration (two sets of three seats separated by an aisle). If you’ll be flying with someone, then reserve the window and aisle seat in one set of three ahead of time. Middle seats are always the last to go, so if the flight isn’t […]