Temecula Valley Wine Country

Morning balloon ride over Temecula

Wine tasting in Temecula Valley is a no-brainer for Southern Californians. My husband and I left the L.A. area and arrived at our first winery in 90-minutes. There are now more than thirty wineries and vineyards sprinkled along the countryside of Riverside County. The hot days and cool nights, coupled with the clay soil, has […]

Uncle Sam’s Caribbean: Puerto Rico

El Morro Fort with Rainbow

As opposed to being a raconteur (storyteller), this is my Ricanteur. Ever been hell-bent on replacing a bad memory with something sweeter? New York City’s Puerto Rican Day Parade aside, my reigning experience on this island was nearly being shot. After a six-hour stopover from Aruba in the 90s became a few late-night hours of […]

Restaurants are Banning Customers from Taking Pictures of Their Food


According to this New York Times article, some chefs are beginning to ban customers from taking pictures of their food. I think that’s a crazy move for most restaurants since it’s free publicity and there could be a major backlash. However, for the more popular and formal restaurants, I can understand the reasoning behind it. Flashes are distracting […]

Day Trippin’ Southern California Style – Food, Wine and Shopping

Oxnard Farmer's Market

  When you have the abundance of agriculture Oxnard, California does – food and wine are inevitably a staple. The local restaurants take full advantage of the farm to table opportunities and are proud to serve local wines with meals prepared for the season. Oxnard is not only a treat for the senses, but also an easy day […]

The Saxon, Johannesburg, South Africa: History and Food Come Together


In the three months that I spent in Africa, I flew in, out of and through the Johannesburg, South Africa (or Joburg for short) airport eight times on South African Airways — to say I was familiar with the various terminals would be an understatement. While I don’t really enjoy spending time at the airport, Johannesburg […]

Summertime Family Fun In Whistler – Feeding the Kids

Elements Urban Tapas with furry friend

A Variety of Food Choices and Prices There are many choices of restaurants in Whistler, you can get anything from Dairy Queen to sushi.  The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Center Café is an ideal place to start off an afternoon.  Leave your fear of carbs behind:  both my little girl and I fell in love with […]

Cleveland’s Cuisine: Lucky’s & Tommy’s

Lucky's Cafe, Photos by: Trishna Patel

Lucky’s cafe is a small diner tucked way in the heart of Tremont, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cleveland. It’s a spot locals frequent in addition to “outta-towners,” privy to insider information. Named Cleveland’s best brunch in 2010, I liken the experience to gaining ” foodie street cred.” It’s hard to believe head chef and […]

Guzwald Family Vacation: Frankfort, Michigan.

Mich Arcadia Bluffs chairs

While I would say that I am fairly well-traveled, given I have been to over 50 countries to date, there is something about the joy of discovering an unknown place or finding something new in a familiar place. My addiction to travel is two-fold: 1)   I like to avoid my feelings and what better place […]