Product of the Week: Native Union Solo Travel Handset

Native Union Solo Travel Handset

Do you use Skype or other VoIP applications as much as I do? If so, and you don’t want to wear a silly headset, then checkout this Native Union Solo Travel Handset ($39.99) that makes taking long calls infinitely more comfortable and stylish. It works with mobile devices, laptops and tablets. It’s also lightweight, slim […]

Product of the Week: Perch


These days, most of us travel with a bag full of gadgets, each of which requires its own proprietary charger. When we plug these chargers into outlets in the bathroom, behind the bed, under the desk of our hotel rooms, it’s far too easy to leave one behind. Fortunately, the Perch is there to prevent […]

Product of the Week: Retimer light device

Retimer light device

With all the flying I did in 2012 my new nickname could be Johnny Jetlag. That name might not stick though, thanks to Australian researchers who created the world’s first high-tech ‘time-control’ glasses that combat jetlag. The glasses work by emitting a soft green glow which is said to work on the human body clock […]

Product of the Week: IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger

IDAPT i1 Eco Universal Charger

IDAPT i1 Eco is a dual charger (tip and USB) that allows you to charge all your devices using an innovative interchangeable tip system. How great would it be to you use only one charger for all of your devices? Use it at home, in the car or while travelling and forget about the stand-by […]

Product of the Week: The Planon ScanStik

The Planon ScanStik

One of the pains of traveling for work is not being able to take your complete office with you. I hate it when people ask me to scan or print something while I’m on the road because it’s most likely going to cost me time and money. One way to bypass the mad dash to […]