An Expensive Security Loophole Between Geneva and Tel Aviv

At the "Cotton Gate" near the Dome of the Rock, a Hasidic man has come right up to the line where Jordanian control of the area begins. He is reading passionately from the Torah while two Jordanian soldiers watch.

I’m leaving Geneva (on a Swiss International Air Lines flight operated by El Al airlines) headed to Tel Aviv. Since I’m going to be in Israel for less than a week, I’ve intentionally packed light: no checked luggage and just two carry-ons—a soft-sided roll-aboard and the backpack that holds my computer, cameras, etc. I own […]

Just Outside Cleveland: Geneva-On-The-Lake

Geneva On The Lake

Good ol’ Ashtabula County, is a scenic, hour-long drive 53 miles east of Cleveland. It’s not the first place that comes to mind when I think “summer getaway” but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Ashtabula, the state’s northeastern most region, sits on Lake Erie and is perhaps best known for its vineyards, wineries […]

There’s A Reason Why World Conventions Choose Geneva


By: Ben Brown The train’s engine gears over the tracks; the sound of wheels gliding over the railing creates a steady rhythm. Where am I off to this time? Small French-style towns go by one after another, many stretching only a few hundred meters across the lake. All are gorgeous; their parks and promenades lined […]