Monograms, Part 1 — Venice, Italy

The Hotel Bonevecchiati by water taxi. There's nothing more fun than arriving to your destination by boat!!

Monograms is an international travel company and part of the award-winning Globus family of group travel brands. Check out more on the company in Arthur’s introduction here. Accommodations in Venice Hotel Bonvecchiati is one of the Monograms selected hotels for Venice—and now I understand why. Located in probably one of the most romantic settings I could imagine, […]

Monograms: A scientific approach to happy travel

In Venice, a Monograms rep awaited us at our arrival gate to take us to our water taxi

What is Monograms? Monograms is an international travel company and part of the award-winning Globus family of group travel brands. Monograms is different in that it’s geared toward independent travel, and taking the planning, coordinating and arranging out of your travel equation so you can just show and go! Let’s face it: Traveling is great, planning […]

Guzwald Family Vacation: Frankfort, Michigan.

Mich Arcadia Bluffs chairs

While I would say that I am fairly well-traveled, given I have been to over 50 countries to date, there is something about the joy of discovering an unknown place or finding something new in a familiar place. My addiction to travel is two-fold: 1)   I like to avoid my feelings and what better place […]