Hamilton Island, Austrailia


G’day, mates! I’m back in one of my favorite countries: Australia. I’m here for a few reasons. One is to checkout V Australia’s new service (it’s amazing and I wrote about it last week), and another is to revisit an island I haven’t been to in years but often long for; it’s like Fantasy Island (minus […]

Sydney, Australia


Great news! JohnnyJet.com just made the number 5 spot as one of the world’s 150 top travel blogs! When I started this website exactly 10 years ago, as a labor of love, I had no idea that it would change my life entirely. It has allowed me to see so many places (over 60 countries) […]

Brisbane and Hamilton Island, Australia


Last week I left off just after going through customs in Brisbane after a dreamy13 and a half hour flight from Los Angeles. Since I was connecting to Hamilton Island, I followed the signs for transiting passengers (not transmitting, like my sick seatmate). I went to the Virgin Blue recheck-in counter but unfortunately, since I […]