10 reasons to stay at The Milestone Hotel in London

Bellman from The Milestone Hotel

Cheerio! I just returned from an incredible trip to Europe where my wife and I spent most of our time sailing down the Danube on a Viking Christmas market river cruise (full story to come). But our first and last nights were spent in London at the charming Milestone Hotel, which was sensational. Here’s how […]

London to Italy


Cheerio from Europe! Last week we left off from London. From there we are flying to everyone’s dream destination, the Amalfi Coast. In the coming weeks I will tell you all about my stay in southern Italy, including my flight to Naples on British Airways, which is happening as I write this! We also have […]

London’s St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel


Last week we left off after I landed in London from an Air New Zealand flight. Passport control and customs took no time at all, though it was a long walk from the gate. If Renaissance Hotels, who brought me over the pond, hadn’t arranged a car service for me, I definitely would’ve taken Heathrow […]

Londontown & Stonehenge


Cheerio from England! Last week we left off from Athens and instead of flying directly back to the States, I stopped off in jolly old England to not only make my trip shorter but to review two incredible hotels and check a destination off my Bucket List: Stonehenge. This week, we also have part two […]