Video of the Week: Hot Spots 2012

London 2012 Olympic Stadium Construction

Since I can’t legally link any official Olympic videos I decided to plug three videos we filmed for Travel Channel last year. They are a sneak peek at the Olympic Village, my training for the games on the official rowing and sailing courses, and the new Harry Potter Tour just outside of London.

Video of the Week: Hot Spots 2012

Travel Channel Hot Spots 2012

Did you know the Travel Channel has 11 clips on their website from my travel special, Hot Spots 2012? There’s two that didn’t make it on TV so check them out!

Fan Feedback on “Hot Spots 2012″ on Travel Channel

Shooting Hot Spots

January 1st marked the premiere of my first show on Travel Channel — “Hot Spots 2012.” I am so humbled at all the positive feedback we’ve gotten and wanted to share some with you. Please continue to comment on this page with your thoughts on the show — what you liked, what you didn’t, what […]

The Start of 2012: New Show, Engagement, and Website Redesign


Happy New Year! What a 2012 I’m having so far. If you are following me on Facebook or Twitter, then you know that on January 1st my first TV show aired on the Travel Channel and has received rave reviews! If that wasn’t enough excitement for the New Year, the following night I popped the […]