10 Greece Moments to Live For

The port of Ios

This is part 1 in Caitlin Martin’s recap of her 7-day Aegean adventure with Louis Cruises. Check out part 2 here and part 3 here. From ancient history to beaches with brightly colored tavernas at water’s edge and whitewashed houses, it’s easy to see why Greece tops bucket lists ‘round the world. A cuisine with more feta cheese, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: The “Call from the Front Desk” Scam

Front desk

The “Call from the Front Desk” Scam Yesterday, I wrote about the “Let’s have a drink” scam. Well, here’s another one that’s making the rounds, including my buddy Peter Greenberg’s newsletter yesterday and DailyFinance.com. The “Call from the front desk” scam is when thieves call your hotel room pretending to be hotel employees who are […]

Travel News: Week of May 7, 2014

The past?

Top Travel News Wearables Replace Room Keys and Credit Cards at Two Ibiza Hotels Accorhotels Drops the Hotel Check-in Desk for a Mobile App Prince William Flies Coach, on American 5 New Travel Startups That Streamline Travel Search and Booking Tour guide breaks Guinness Record for the most national capital cities visited within 24 hours […]

Travel App of the Week: HotelTonight


I’m embarrassed that I’ve never featured HotelTonight as a “Travel App of the Week.” I thought I had, but I recently realized that I’d only made it Travel Website of the Week back in 2011 when they launched—which was before I had a Travel App of the week column. The timing actually ends up working out well […]

13 Reasons to Stay at the QT Sydney

QT Sydney front desk

Back in September 2012, a fun, hip, quirky and beautifully designed hotel opened in Sydney, Australia. I was fortunate enough to visit, and after spending four nights at the QT Sydney, it’s safe to say it’s unlike any hotel I’ve ever seen—and if the below tickles your fancy, one you don’t want to miss. Here […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Ask for a Shower


Ask for a Shower Feeling all grimy after a long flight only to find your room isn’t available for hours? Just ask the hotel if they have a day room or fitness center that you can use to take a shower and/or get cleaned up. You’d be surprised how many places do—and all you have […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Store Your Belongings Smartly


Store Your Belongings Smartly If you arrive to a destination early and your room isn’t available yet, leave your belongings with the bellman so you don’t have to carry them around—but make sure your computer bag and other valuables are locked and that all your things are stored in a secure place. You just never […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Consider the Elevators

Elevator ducks

Consider the Elevators Noise in hotels is a given. No hotel is going to be as quiet as your own home, especially when you’re trying to sleep at night. But while you can’t just demand that everyone shut the heck up and go to sleep, you can take specific  measures to make things as quiet […]