15 notes on El Salvador, where life grows free and green

San Salvador from El Boquerón

My first night in El Salvador, at a locally inspired hotel dinner, I lost my notebook. Long-hand musings, names, numbers, bars/cafes to check out in Berlin and Brooklyn and Phnom Penh—all gone, just like that. Had the hotel pupusas really been that good? Had I freely traded in my wherewithal for a finite plate of rich-bean-and-melty-quesillo-filled […]

Inside: The MSC Divina in Miami

MSC Divina

Today—Tuesday November 19, 2013—the warm waters off Miami roll out the red carpet for a much-anticipated opening act. The MSC Divina is finally here. Eighteen days after departing from Venice, the sparkling white, 1,094-foot Italian cruise ship will arrive in Miami’s cleverly named PortMiami to begin servicing the Caribbean on regular, year-round cruises to America’s favorite […]

Study by US Travel Association links educational travel to future success

Students at Vatican City

It’s often said that travel broadens the mind, but is it true? Of course it’s true says anyone who’s ever traveled—and according to a recent study by the US Travel Association, the facts say the same. The results of the study, released in a report entitled “Travel Improves Educational Attainment & Future Success,” revealed that […]

Australia’s Hayman Island is now on your bucket list

Hayman pool by night

Sunny, upbeat Australia is about the size of the continental United States—much bigger than it is convenient to remember halfway around the world. We all know the Sydney Opera House and the Outback, but just as America is so much more than the Empire State Building and the Grand Canyon, Australia is impressively, infinitely more […]

Hayman helicopter tours: Above it all

Whitehaven Beach's Hill Inlet

I’ve been in a helicopter three times in my life. Each time, after floating back down to Earth, I’ve arrived at the same conclusion: Everything should be seen by helicopter. This is not a lesson I apply in practice very often, because I don’t live in GTA V. Helicopters are hard to come by in […]

America, meet Booking.com (Part 2)

Homepage to start

Since I do not work for Booking.com, the end of the Booking Summit (if you’re not sure what the Booking Summit is, click here to read Part 1) signaled that it was time to depart company headquarters in Amsterdam. A tragedy really, as after this third visit, I’d decided that Amsterdam had officially joined the […]

America, meet Booking.com (Part 1)

The Booking.com lobby

If travel is about seeking adventure, then it is also about embracing uncertainty. There are inherent uncertainties in every trip we take. When we hit the road, or rails, or sky, we relinquish the perceived omnipotence with which we reign over our undisturbed daily routines. We opt for the unfamiliar. We accept a reality in […]

The surrealist’s Mexico City

Aztec guys outside Templo Mayor Museum

French writer and poet André Breton was a master of expression. He was also the founder of surrealism, a “revolutionary movement” bent on uniting the unconscious and observable realms, and so his talents bore particular agility in the presence of the colorful, the raw, the animated—the surreal. In 1936, on a France-commissioned visit to Mexico […]