Sweet Home Chicago

Chicago Skyline

Off to the airport with our new ultra-light Bric luggage, my girlfriend and I were excited to travel to Chicago, a place 40 million people visit each year, and a city I once called home. Whenever we travel, I always seem to run into someone I know. Standing at Quik Park LAX, I heard a […]

Chicago To Meet With Gogo


I started off the week by flying 436 miles from Toronto (YYZ) to Chicago on United. I took the 9:41 a.m. flight out, and the pre-clearance U.S. immigration line at YYZ was insanely long. The wait was about an hour and it provoked me to finally apply for a NEXUS pass. It took less than […]

Bahamas to FL-NY/CT-Chicago-L.A.


Greetings! Last week we left off from the Bahamas, and if you are following me on Twitter, then you know that from there I traveled all around the U.S. Highlights included attending my brother’s surprise birthday party in Connecticut and the grand opening of an amazing new luxurious hotel in Chicago. We also have my […]

Chicago, Illinois


When I landed I bought a pasta salad ($3.99) from Ciao Gourmet Market since the yogurt parfait hadn’t filled me up. While downing it and checking emails by the Starbucks, I got a phone call from one of the conference organizers saying my flight to Columbus was canceled due to a big snowstorm inOhio. After […]

L.A. To Chicago On United Airlines


Greetings! If you are following me on Twitter (@JohnnyJet), then you know I was freezing in Chicago and Columbus this week. I have stories from both cities, including my United flights. In addition, my sister Georgie Jet is finishing up part two of her Trafalgar Tours trip to Italy and our newest writer, Melissa Jo […]

Juliet Pennington in Chicago


By: Juliet Pennington A chance opportunity to be an audience member on the “Oprah Winfrey Show” found me spending a few days in the Windy City recently. I’ve been sworn to secrecy by the powers that be at “O” (we had to sign a waiver agreeing to refrain from sharing any part of our experience […]

Chicago’s Eats


By Leo E. Martin: “Hog butcher for the world, Tool maker, stacker of wheat, Player with railroads and the nation’s freight handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the big shoulders.” -Carl Sandburg, Chicago, 1916 Whether referred to as the “city of the big shoulders,” the Windy City, or Chi-town, Chicagoland is a city of a […]