Prata di Pordenone, Italy

Downtown Prata

Prata di Pordenone Our Seabourn cruise ended up in Venice and instead of spending another night in the city we decided to see how the locals live in the countryside. Our friend (and contributor to invited us to spend the night in her extra bedroom in the small town of Prata di Pordenone. It’s […]

Venice, Italy

Nat in LHR

Ciao bella! I was just going over last week’s schedule and realized I visited eight countries in nine days! Is that amazing, or what?! Most of them were thanks to our Adriatic Sea cruise on Seabourn which I wrote about it in the last newsletter. But I didn’t get to feature the most important port… Venezia! […]

12 Things You Never Knew About Italy

Prata di Pardenone

My husband Tim and I just recently celebrated three years of living in Italy. I think back to previous trips to Italy and if I had only known then what we know now! We’ve learned by making mistakes and falling into the tourists traps of overpriced cappuccinos and bad gelato (yes, bad gelato does exist!). […]