Travel Tip of the Day: When Jetlag Hits, Fight Back


When Jetlag Hits, Fight Back If you take an overnight flight and don’t get much rest, don’t go to right sleep when you arrive at your destination. Instead, fight the urge and try and stay awake until at least 10 pm so you can get on local time as soon as possible. When I’m in this situation, […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Get Ahead of Jetlag


Get Ahead of Jetlag The best way to combat jetlag is by getting yourself on the local (where you’ll be traveling) schedule as soon as possible. I usually start the day before I fly (some people start two days before) by going to bed later or earlier according to the time difference, and the moment […]

Website of the Week: Jet Lag Rooster

Jet Lag Rooster Website

The Jet Lag Rooster is a new website that is supposed to be a “free, simple, and effective way to reduce or prevent jet lag”. I haven’t tried it yet since I didn’t fly this week, but it doesn’t appear to have much use for road warriors. However, first time travelers could benefit from it. […]

Product of the Week: Retimer light device

Retimer light device

With all the flying I did in 2012 my new nickname could be Johnny Jetlag. That name might not stick though, thanks to Australian researchers who created the world’s first high-tech ‘time-control’ glasses that combat jetlag. The glasses work by emitting a soft green glow which is said to work on the human body clock […]