Travel Tip of the Day: Sign up for Fare Alerts

Fare alerts

Sign up for Fare Alerts Instead of constantly having to check and recheck websites for the best fares, just sign up for fare alerts, which will automatically keep you updated on the fares you care about. Many sites offer this service for free, including Airfarewatchdog, Kayak, Yapta and FareCompare. Each site’s version of the alerts varies, but the idea is […]

Website of the Week:

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Everyone knows there’s not one website out there that has the absolute best deal each time you log on – that’s the whole reason I created in the first place — to show all the best sites to cross reference. One of my new favorites is Kayak’s Explore tool. To get started all you need […]

Patagonia, Chile


By Lisa Tucker McElroy: Two days into our luxury rafting trip, I’m sitting on a giant rock, looking out at a mountain called the Three Nuns. I’m a little confused, so I ask my Chilean guide, “Are you sure it’s three? I see about seven peaks.” As he’s been doing all week, though, the guide […]