Travel Product of the Week: Travel Laundry Company Bags

Travel Laundry Company

Here’s a nifty little product that helps you keep your clean clothes separated from your dirty clothes while you’re on the road! Laundry bags from the Travel Laundry Company (TLC) are odor-resistant, water-resistant, mildew-resistant, strong and durable. They come with sturdy handles so they can be hung on hooks or hangers so as to be […]

Travel App of the Week: FlyCleaners


I love this new concept and can’t wait to try it when they expand to my area. For now, here’s what residents or visitors to parts of New York City can get with FlyCleaners: their laundry done for cheap and quick. FlyCleaners is the Uber of laundry. Just download their app (iOS or Android), set […]