Win a carry-on suitcase and cabin bag from Pathfinder Luggage!

The 18-inch Pathfinder Companion Bag, in blue

No matter where you want to get away to this winter (spring?), chances are that you’ll need to bring some things with you. Luckily, in our latest contest, Pathfinder Luggage is stepping in with a way to do that easily and stylishly by offering a chance to win two new pieces of luggage—worth $900—from the […]

Travel Product of the Week: Luggage Scooters

Luggage scooter

Check out this innovative piece of luggage: Luggage scooters. Imagine running late to your gate and all of a sudden you can turn your carry-on bag into a Razor-type scooter—like in this video. That’s the luggage scooter, and you can get one for $299.

Travel Product of the Week: The Traveler bag from Inspire Travel Luggage

Traveler Bag

Here’s a unique product that any woman who loves to travel with a lot of beauty products will love. Inspire Travel Luggage’s The Traveler is billed as the ultimate beauty bag because it’s equipped with a solid plastic core to protect against leaks. The Traveler comes in two models: The Traveler Elite ($40), designed to be checked so […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Tag Your Bags


Tag Your Bags This is a simple tip. Every time I travel and check a bag, I see that almost everyone has a black bag that’s about the same shape and size. So you don’t get your bag mistakenly taken by someone else, get a brightly colored luggage tag or tie something colorful on it […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Don’t Leave Without Your Bags


Don’t Leave Without Your Bags I’ve seen it happen and I’ve heard countless horror stories: people arriving to the airport by bus or taxi and learning that their bags didn’t make the trip. They trusted that their luggage would be loaded into the trunk of the car or taxi or the undercarriage of the bus, […]

Travel Website of the Week: Bags VIP Luggage Delivery

Bags VIP

Most travelers hate checking bags. I don’t even have to pay to check since I have elite status on three major carriers (American, Delta and United) and their partners, and I really despise it. Even without baggage fees I rarely check a bag because doing so means I have to show up earlier, stand in […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Ship Your Bags

FedEx truck

Ship Your Bags One way to avoid paying the airlines’ baggage fees (besides flying with an airline that doesn’t charge for checking a bag like Southwest) is to ship your bags to your destination ahead of time. This only works well if you’re traveling domestically, if you do it a week ahead of time and […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Pack an Extra Bag


Pack an Extra Bag If you think you might do a fair bit of shopping the next time you travel, pack a thin, lightweight duffel bag in your carry-on or checked suitcase. That way, if you have too much stuff coming home, you can check an extra bag. If you purchase expensive items, then put your […]