Travel Product of the Week: Virtual Post Mail

Virtual Post Mail

Virtual Post Mail is a pretty novel idea: It’s an online mailbox for your real U.S. post. Basically, you set up an account, which starts at $5 a month, and are assigned a mailbox. Your mail then gets sent to that mailbox and then you can access it online by logging in securely. In full […]

Travel Tip of the Day: More Mail Advice


More Mail Help In response to Friday’s tip—having your neighbor get your mail—a number of readers shared some great advice—which I happen to follow myself. As they noted, another approach to managing your mail while you’re away is to have the post office hold your mail. You can request a mail hold online here. Once you […]

Travel Tip of the Day: Have a Neighbor Get Your Mail


Have a Neighbor Get Your Mail If you’re traveling for more than a couple of days, ask one of your neighbors to pick up your mail and newspapers so the build up doesn’t alert burglars to your absence. And don’t forget to pick them up a thank you gift during your travels as a token […]